Co-funded by the
Erasmus+ programme
of the European Union

Journalism Education
for Democracy in Ukraine:

About Project

Project acronym: DESTIN

Period of realization: 15 November 2018 – 14 November 2021

EU funding instrument: European Neighbourhood Instrument (Erasmus+: КА2 CBHE)

Budget: about 798 470 Euro

Contractor: Bath Spa University (United Kingdom)

Coordinator and General Manager:
Prof. Ian Gadd, Head of Development of European Projects, Bath Spa University

tel: +44 (0)1225 875455,

Responsible person from UzhNU:
Galyna Shapovalova, Associate Professor at Journalism Department, Faculty of Philology

tel: +380501625285 (Mobile)

    • to carry out an audit of existing bachelor and master programs in journalism (20 programs in 10 OWS of Ukraine) to identify disadvantages and formulate action plans to eliminate them
    • organization trainings for teams concerning educational programs (OPs) on the subject of harmonization of qualifications frameworks and European standards and recommendations
    • studying the experience of European journalism programs (2 practical visits) for further use as a base for reforming their own programs
    • organization trainings on expert evaluation of educational programs on European accreditation technologies
    • expert evaluation of new / upgraded programs through expert visits to each IDA partner
    • one-year implementation of the programs and assessment of the quality of training organization within the project implementation period
    • development of national standards
    • (recommendations) for bachelor and master’s programs in journalism
    • creation and implementation of online media literacy courses for target groups
    • to ensure the maximum involvement of social partners in project objectives.
    • implementation of measures to ensure the sustainability of project results.

The DESTIN project will be conducted through many kind of activities: from confidential discussions with an external stakeholder and analysis of anonomysed student opinion to large public conferences and open online discussion forums.

All of the tools and methodologies employed are tried and tested means of educational management, staff and student development, and ethical change management in general. The style of ‘presentations’ may occasionally appear didactic (depending on the presenter) but the pedagogical design and ethos for conferences, meetings etc. will be inclusive and interactive (as in the spirit of SCL).

    • Qualitative changes in development of journalism education in Ukraine through audit, assessment, review of existing and delivering of new or revised curricula for 9 BA and 11 MA Journalism programmes in 10 Ukrainian universities with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and European standards of integrity and professionalism.
    • Development of National Guideline Statements for BA and MA journalism education in Ukraine.
    • Creation of interaction and cooperation network between universities, national employers and students self-government in the field of journalism education in Ukraine.
    • Creation of interaction and cooperation network between Ukraine and EU universities and professional organizations in the field of journalism education.
    • Development of Media-Literacy Online Courses for non-professionals target groups in the field of journalism, media and communications.
    • Creation and launching of specialized website for further dissemination and exploitation of DESTIN project results.
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